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The Czech Republic

  • state in Central Europe
  • it occupies an area of 78 864 sq km and has about 10,33 million inhabitants
  • it borders on Slovakia in the east, on Poland in the north, on the Federal Republic of Germany in the north and in the west and on Austria in the south
  • our state has a varied landscape. Bohemia is surrounded by a ring of mountains- the Šumava range, the Czech Forest, the Ore Mountains (Železné hory), the Jizerské Mountains, the Giant Mountains, and the Eagle Mountains
  • the highest peak, Sněžka, is in the Giant Mountains. Roads, cable railways and chair lifts make the mountains accessible to tourists.
  • The Moravian Plain is protected on the West by the Bohemian- Moravian Highland, and on the North by the wooded mountainous ranges of the Jeseníky and Beskydy
  • fertile lowland can be found in the valleys of big rivers- the Vltava, the Elbe (flowing into the North Sea), the Oder (flowing into the Baltic Sea), and the Morava (flowing into the Danube and thence into the Black Sea)
  • the longest river is the Several dams have been built on some rivers, forming large reservoirs; for example on the Vltava, the Ohře, the Dyje and others.
  • there are only a few natural lakes in the Czech Republic (the largest natural lake- Černé Lake), Southern Bohemia has many artificial lakes which date from the 16th century (the largest artificial lake is Rožmberk).
  • And throughout the country there are number of mineral springs, around many of which spas have developed.
  • primeval forest- Boubín, Žákova hora
  • the scenery of the Czech Republic is varied: there are plains, hills, and valleys
  • tourist attraction – the Bohemian Paradise and Bohemian Switzerland
  • there are several karst regions too, with remarkable caves
  • In the Moravian Karst there is the well-known Macocha Abyss and the underground river Punkva
  • All these areas and many others with beautiful scenery are protected: they are nature reserves or national parks.
  • The climate is mostly continental, the warmest area being in South Moravia


Industry – The Czech Republic is traditionally an industrial country

  • electrical energy from coal and uranium
  • most important part of our economy is engineering (machines, motorcars, locomotives, tractors, trams, …)
  • metallurgical and chemical industries are important, too
  • textile and glass industries have a long tradition
  • tourism


Agriculture – is developed enough to feed the population and be able to export its product too.

  • wheat, maize, sugar-beet, grapes, hops and fruit
  • cattle and pig breeding
  • Fish breeding (especially carp-breeding) has a long tradition

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