The Czech Republic – otázka z angličtiny


   Otázka: The Czech Republic

   Předmět: Angličtina

   Zaslal(a): Klementová



The Czech Republic is a small country in the middle of Europe. It borders with (It´s neighbours are) Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.
Czech Republic is democratic country with 10 milion people, we have a president Václav Klaus and Czech Parliament. The Czech Republic is also a member of Europen Union (2004). It arose in 1993 when Czechoslovakia splitted into ČR and SR.
The capital city of the Czech Republic is Prague with 1 milion people. The Czech Republic has a lot of mountains, for example the Šumava mountains, the Krušné mountains, the Jizerské m ., the Orlické m., the Jeseníky m.,the Beskydy m. and the highest peak is Sněžka (1602) in the Krkonoše mountains.
There are many rivers in the Czech Republic – for example the Vltava river, Laber., Otava r.,
and lakes – for example Čertovo lake, Černé l., in Šumava and ponds in South Bohemia- Rožmberk.


In the Czech Republic there are many interesting places, for example:

Prague-it i sold, capital city with many historical places….
Moravia- there are many friendly people, much wine, folk music, wine cellars
Šumava-it is a national park with lakes, forests, Boubín forest
Moravský kras- there is abyss Macocha and river Punkva and caves with stalactites
Plzeň-it is a big city in the west, famous for good beer
Písek- there is the oldest stone bridge over Otava river
Strakonice- there is famous bagpipe festival
Karlovy Vary-it is a spa city, famous for film festival
Tourists often visit in the Czech Republic our old castles, for example:
Hluboká-it is a beutiful large castle in the south with lovely gardens
Karlštejn- i tis an old castle bulit by Charles IV.
Rabí- i tis a castle ruin near Sušice
Lednice- i tis a beutiful castle in Moravia
Typical Czech sports are football and ice-hockey, our famous sportmen are Jaromír Jágr.
Typical Czech food is dumplings, rabbit, chicken…


Czech holiday places:

Lipno, Orlík, Slapy – dams built on the Vltava river
-swimming, surfing, sunbathing, cycling, hiking (pěší turistika)

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