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Travelling has become very popular all over the world. People travel for many different reasons. Usually we travel for holidays or for work. We can travel inside the Czech Republic or abroad. For travelling in Czech we don´t need any special documents. If we travel abroad we usually need to have some kind of document such as passport, identification card or even visa. It depends in which country we travel.

There are several different ways of transportation. The most popular once are buses, cars, trains and planes. Buses are used for public transportation in big cities as well as for long distance travelling. Very popular in Czech are yellow buses from Student Agency or Flick bus. It’s a great way of travelling, where you can relax, watch films and you can get free drink. Very similar type of transportation are trains, where the service is also very good.

People going far away usually travel by plane. Air transport is very popular all around the world. The competition has reduced the prices and the tickets are available for most of the people.

The most common way of transportation are cars. Almost 85% of Czech families have at least one car.

Most people around the world speak English and in Europe speak German. Travel does not only mean travelling abroad, but also exploring interesting places in our country or commuting to work or school. Through travel agencies, people have booked trips, tickets and accommodation. We can arrange different kinds of trips e.g.: Cultural excursions, recreational stays. Many foreign tourists travel to our country, especially for the beautiful nature, cult and historical monuments

In summer people like to travel to the beach. Most Czechs go to Croatia or Italy. In winter people like to go for skiing holiday. The best destinations are Austria, France and Italy.For travelling we can use many types of luggage according to the type of journey. We use a backpack for a longer sports trip. We use the rucksack when we go for a walk or to school. I

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