Travelling and Means of transport

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Why do people travel?

People all around the world for various reasons. One of them is tourism – especially during holidays. People want to see the most beautiful sights of world’s famous metropolis: Rome, Venice, Paris, Amsterdam or Prague. Some people travel for business, for political and cultural reasons. Others travel for scientific purposes. Even smuggling is not unusual. Many people like traveling because it`s very exciting. They can see new places, meet new people and friends, eat something unusual and see the way of life in.


Means of transport

Most people don’t like to travel long, so it’s better to choose a plane that needs to be in Barcelona in two hours than to travel by bus, where it would take over 24 hours.When it comes to money, I would say that traveling by plane is the cheapest, because if you search for a long time and have patience, you can find tickets around Europe for up to a hundred crowns.The advantage of a bus is that it does not pollute as much air as an airplane.

The disadvantage of a bus – Some public transport systems are quite bad. Long waiting times. Unreliable in many regions. Delays may imply problems at work. Less flexibility regarding detours. Transportation of heavy goods may be a problem. Higher chance for infections with diseases. Pretty crowded at rush hour.

Disadvantage of a plane – Going through Security check, Delays, Cancellations, and Lost Baggage, Fear of Flying Environmental Impact

Advantage of a plane – Speed, Affordability, Safety, Comfort, Can Use Travel Time Constructively, The Joy of Flying


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