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  • Prague (Praha) is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It is situated in central Bohemian on the Vltava River.
    It has about 1.2 million inhabitants. Prague is the centre of government, economics and culture.
  • Prague was founded in 6 century. This foundation is connected with princess Libuše.
  • In the 10 century was built the Vyšehrad castle.
    In 14 century Prague became the residence of Charles IV.  He founded the New Town, Charles University, which is the oldest university in middle Europe and built also the Charles Bridge.

    In 1918 Prague became the capital city of Czechoslovakia and Prague castle as the seat of the first Czechoslovakian president T. G. Masaryk.

  •  From 1939 to 1945 was Prague occupied by the German Army. The „ Prague Spring“ in 1968 was a year of political relief, this was interrupted by Soviet invasion. The Velvet revolution in 1989 ended the communism decade.



Prague Castle– Prague castle is dominant in the city. It is a block of palaces, religious buildings, and houses from all periods of history. Since 1918 it has been the seat of the president.
The most impressive building at the Castle is St. Vitus Cathedral, which was designed by two famous designers Petr Parléř and Matthias of Arras.

Wenceslas Square: it is the real centre of the city. At the top is the National Museum and the statue of the Czech patron, St. Wenceslas, on his horse. There are many shops.

Old Town Square: the dominants are Master Jan Hus Monument, St. Nicholas Church and the Astronomical Clock

Charles Bridge: It connects the Old Town and the Lesser Town. It is the most famous bridge in Prague. It was built by Charles 4, in the 14th century in the gothic style. Originally it was called Prague Bridge. They say that the inhabitants of Prague added eggs during its construction.

National Theatre– was built thanks to the money of people. Decorations are made by M. Aleš, F.Ženíšek, V. Hynais, J.V. Myslebek, and others. It is a place, where dramas, operas, and ballets are shown.

In Prague are also other theatres, for example Vinohrady theatre, ABC theatre, theatre Na zábradlí.


Petřín Tower  – is 60 meters tall with 299 steps and it is copy of Eiffel tower.



  • Prague is important transport juction. In Prague is Airport Václava Havla.



  • The most famous and the most expensive is Paris Street. There are many famous shops as a PRADA, GUCCI, LUIS VITTON and other.

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